Greece Golden Visa property acquisition investment amount is currently €250,000 but according to Greek Prime Minister’s recent announcement, at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, the Golden Visa threshold will increase from €250.000 to €500.000.

The decision officially was taken to make the housing more affordable to the real estate market for Greek locals but there should be no doubt that the recent developments at the European level and the emerging directions regarding the European Residency/Citizenship by Investment programmes could have played their role to such a development.

As no official information exists as per when and how the increase for the Greek Golden Visa programme  will take effect, several local sources in Greece expect it could be early 2023. They also expect the changes will be based on the Portuguese programme or based  on separate zones within the Greek territory.  

Within this context, we strongly believe as legal consultants in a legally constituted state that the implementation of the new framework should not have a retroactive force. Under this light we feel confident that a transition period of at least 3 months will be granted. Therefore, all residence permit applications submitted until the new framework comes into effect will be approved with the official up to now limit of €250,000.

Taking into account all the above forthcoming changes in Greek Golden Visa Programme if somebody is interested in taking advantage of the current investment level of €250,000, it is advisable to act now.

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Citizenship & Golden Visa

Theo Makris

Legal Consultant