The R Symbol ®

Using ® means that your trademark is registered in a country, in EUIPO or in Wipo.

In 99% of countries, this symbol stands for word REGISTERED, when and where your trademark is 100% officially registered. Not pending, not published, not applied for, but registered!

When your trademark is not registered and use this symbol, you can get into trouble as this is illegal. Use R only when your mark is Registered.

Always have in mind that Trademarks are territorial, a registered mark in UK does not grant you right to use the R symbol in the Greece. That’s may be considered a false trademark claim.

TM™ Symbol (also SM℠ Symbol)

This symbol is used to inform others that you think that this word or phrase or image is your trademark.

However, it does not mean that the mark is officially protected and that you can sue anyone for misusing your trademark in this case.

SM ℠ is used when you sell services and not physical products. It’s not incorrect to use tm symbol ™ if you sell services though. But it is incorrect vice versa.

Its use doesn’t offer you any protection, unless you decide to register it. It might offer you a right to use it locally but under lots of prerequisites and limitations.

The C Symbol (copyright) ©

According to the Copyright Rules the protection is granted automatically. You created anything and once it is created it’s your property for your entire life + 70 years – absolutely free.

Using C symbol is not obligatory to claim the copyright protection.

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