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Maria Triantafullou


Short Biography

Maria Triantafullou was born in Nafplio, Greece,
on 22/06/1994.

She is an associate of Makris Law Office acting on litigation, real estate cases and foreigners’ fields.

Advisory Highlights

She has studied in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Faculty of law and also she has attended the program of English Legal Jargon offered by NB Learning.

During this period, she is attending  the Master Program ‘ Law and Finance’ offered by ‘ University of Piraeus’ so as to become specialised in corporate, banking, tax, financial criminal  and regulation and antitrust law.

Her knowledge of English legal jargon provides her with the advantage to refer to European and International body of Laws so as to support her cases. She appears before the Greek Courts on criminal and commercial cases and cases of negligence and malfeasance. Also, she supports cases concerning the immigration law and foreigners’ residence permit in Greece and European Union

Since June 2019 she is admitted to Athens Bar Association.

Expertise in