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Investment Law.

After approximately 11 years of recession, the Greek economy has returned to sustainably positive levels of economic growth.

One of the sectors that provide investment opportunities is the real estate market. Currently, there is strong demand for leased assets in the Athens region which has driven rent yields at high levels, sometimes even exceeding pre crisis levels. Also, this trend is expected to boost the values of real estate assets as:

  • Greece remains on track in stabilizing the economy
  • Growth is expected to reach levels above median Eurozone levels, also facilitated by the pro liberal agenda of the new government
  • Greece is an ideal destination for individuals willing to get a ‘golden visa’.

We, at Makris Law Office have established a solid infrastructure to assist and advise clients in materializing their business goals in Greece and especially in the complex area of contracts and real estate transactions.

Our experience, our network of associates and our high standard business acumen guarantee that our clients receive high quality services.

We meet client expectations and deliver on time.

We are here to assist you achieve your goals.