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Criminal Law.

With a special emphasis on economic and financial criminal law

Cases concerning Criminal Law is a special area of expertise, and Theo Makris has developed a key competence within this area over years of representing clients in matters involving white-collar crime.

  • If you become involved in a matter concerning Criminal Law, it is essential to choose a defense lawyer who understands the commercial and financial aspects, and, at the same time, is familiar with all legal particularities concerning the case in question. When dealing with white-collar crime cases, it is an essential precondition that the defense lawyer has a high level of expertise regarding all aspects of business, including the understanding of accounting, corporate law, tax law and VAT legislation.
  • Criminal Law covers a wide range of cases concerning crime of a financial nature. The classic white-collar crime cases are typically cases regarding:
    • Embezzlement, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraud against creditors, and bribery.

Criminal Law also includes cases concerning financial crime within areas regulated by special legislation, as Tax fraud, VAT fraud, Market manipulation & financial matters, Insider dealing, Money-laundering, Antitrust and competition matters, secret commission, commission & bribery.