Many non-EU citizens are lately expressing a vivid interest in finding a way to relocate in Greece, a country with undeniable investment prosperities and to be able to have free access into the countries of the Schengen zone. This is exactly why the Golden Visa programme, provided by the Hellenic Government under the law 4251/2014 (article 20B), has become so much popular these days, making it possible for people outside Europe to invest in the field of real estate in Greece and be able, therefore, to be granted a living permit (GV for short), that also allows them to travel through Schengen Area without restrictions.

Why has the Golden Visa become a so much talked-about subject?

Let’s find out by answering some FAQs:


Q: How many years is the GV valid for?

    A: For 5 years, with the ability of renewal for 5 more years each time.


    Q: How can I buy a property in Greece?

    A: You can buy an asset either as a natural person or as a legal entity, which means under a company’s name that you have in your full ownership.


    Q: What should the value of the property be?

    A: Due to the most recent change of the above mentioned law, for the following locations the property purchase is set to 500.000 euros: Central & South Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Thessaloniki, whereas for
    the rest of Greece, the property purchase remains at least 250.000 euros.


    Q: What if I get the GV and then sell my assets?

    A: Unfortunately, there is no such possibility, because your GV will then be automatically revoked. You must always have in your full ownership an asset of at least 250.000 or 500.000 euros, so that your GV remains valid for the whole time period of 5 years.


    Q: Will I be able to rent my property to someone?

    A: Of course.


    Q: Will I be able to work in any way during my stay in Greece on my GV?

    A: The GV programme does not allow you to work in any way BUT it allows you to engage in economic activity as a member of the board of directors, a chief executive officer or a shareholder of a company.


    Q: Can I be accompanied by my family members?

    A: Yes, of course. They will have to file for a separate GV based upon yours, since you are considered to be the investor, which will have the same validity.

    It is needless to say that the Golden Visa Programme offers a great deal of advantages to a non – EU citizen, who aspires to become a successful investor in Greece. Our office specializes in Golden Visa cases and our experienced legal team would be glad to assist you in pursuing a valuable investment opportunity in our beautiful country. Our services include every step of the procedure, from buying an asset and assembling the necessary supporting documents for the submission of the GV application to the biometrics appointment before the competent authorities and the final granting of the GV.

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