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Delivering a broader perspective.

In a constant evolving legal world, we adjust our clients’ needs simply by exceeding their expectations.

Our clients’ success is important for us. When selecting a legal advisor, the client want to work with an attorney who is just as passionate about the success of his business as he is. Client wants someone who is able to think creatively about how to grow his business – just like he does, day in, and day out. At Makris Law Office, in addition to always striving to provide the most exacting professional legal services:

  • We make sure we learn as much as we can about our client’s business — on our time, not his!;
  • We share the enthusiasm about his business goals; and
  • We strive to be more than just competent legal practitioners — but Trusted Advisors.

Our values


We deeply believe that this is at the foundation of the lawyer-client relationship. When you engage us as your attorney, we are bound not only by the ethical code that exists to protect the client and assure that matters between the client and the attorney are confidential but also by the fact that this is part of our core values and our internal code. We are focused on confidentiality including safeguarding the security of your information and your personal data.


We are dedicated to develop and practice proactive legal strategies as we strongly believe that legal knowledge is at its best when applied before things go wrong. Disputes and litigation must be prevented, as they consume time and resources for our clients which could otherwise be used for productive work. Plus proactive law seeks to promote and strengthen ways to use the law to create value, do what is right, and build a solid foundation for business.


We prefer our clients to evaluate our work for our output instead of our input. We are efficient as we make use of all given technological advances , as we work smart , as we have achieved a high degree of standardization and systematization, as we “don’t reinvent the wheel” in our client’s cases but we take advantage of our experience.


Our Law Office place a premium value on creativity in our practice. We take the time to actually think through, in detail, every aspect of our clients’ cases, and to apply all of the various skills and knowledge available from the rest of the team to derive new angles and original means through which to advocate our clients’ interests. We just want to supply what all the others are not able to produce…

What we do

As a boutique law office, we are very close to our clients and as such, can implement decision on how best to serve them in a quick and cost effective manner.

We devise legal solutions to aid in the operations of our client’s businesses while developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the people who place their trust in us and our ability to make a difference.

We don’t just represent our clients in court when a problem arises. We work with our clients by proactively advising and counseling them so as to ensure they stay compliant with the law and are in the best position to thrive in the industries that they operate in. We have an outstanding persistence of providing proactive legal counseling to senior level executives with a focus on creating pragmatic business-oriented solutions leading to innovation, thoughtful leadership, out of the box means to achieve prioritized strategic objectives. Of course, our best in class legal services helps us drive our clients business forward.